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Two things today a book question included

We were at a thrift shop. One I liked the book area contains nice chairs to read. All thift shops should do this.

1. I could not find any books even though it was 5 for 99 cents. I was heading to sit down to play my 3ds. I am playing Final Fantasy Explorers I am 50 hours in playing as the Black Mage. I loved this job class since first Final Fantasy.


I noticed a chair was taken by a man mid to late 60s engrossed in reading. It was a Harlequin Romance. In all my years living this was a first. Nothing wrong with the books I am sure but I have never seen a man reading a Harlequin Romance let alone reading it in public.

People should read what they want in public and its good this older gentleman gets it. Sadly there are some who won’t for fears of people not liking it.

Unless Harlequin Romances are more popular with men then I realized.

Yes I read hundreds of Harlequin but under their late Gold Eagle branch made up of Destroyer, Executioner and others.


For those who sell books or work in libraries how popular are they with men. I read that they are popular with men in VA Hospitals but the comment seemed anecdotal.

2. Did you know Stanley Kramer directed Its A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World? I saw the DVD today. I saw it on tv as a teen and was bored. If it was a two hour or less I may have bought it. Three hours I will rely in my teenage memory. It seemed odd him doing a comedy his movies tended to be very somber social commentaries.


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