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I know who I never, ever want in my corner. Ben Carson. Yup Carson says Trump is soul searching and may find one. Yup I so want someone in my corner telling folks I have no soul. Sigh.

According to the latest Pew Poll Trump is down 21 to 22 to Johnson. How? I would understand if Bill Weld was the top of the ticket. Weld is the personification of a country club fiscal conservative and social moderate republican. Actually if the republican party had any sense it would have been Weld not Romney in 2012. I believe Weld would have won or come far closer.


Johnson though seems to embody Ayn Rand politics and social agenda, yes he is a social moderate but only because he believes in every person for themselves, no help, no social security etc. He would have zero regulation every where.

So for those under thirty here what’s his appeal or do you know folks under 30 he would appeal to. Or are these young republicans who cannot stomach Trump?

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