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Two ughs a biggie and a tiny bad journalistic one ok stretching definition of journalism

What happened to the McDonald’s Frappes? I had one today and the last one was good but not great. This was just bad. Way too icy. There were just way too many ice slivers in the drink. Total ugh. I used to looooove these. Well just going to drink shakes now. Total big ugh.


Anyone notice problems with this cover? Beyond that its one hundred percent doubtful Prince Charles and Catherine Zeta Jones are having an affair. The problem is a) assumes reader knows who Douglas’ wife name is. I knew it but looking at cover it took me an hour to recall her name. Bad journalism, ok I am stretching the term. Problem B is not naming the woman pictured next to Michael Douglas. Ok Duchess Camilla is on their cover like every other week so I assumed that they assume the reader knows who she is. Also C Boozing Barack? Really? All this does is feed the hatred and further misinformation to the bigots and the ignorant. I saw this cover in the grocery store. It was in about every other check out line.

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