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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Two unrelated crowdsourcing questions (breakfast casserole and stretching routines)

Hello, my lovely flock of doves. I was hoping to crowdsource a few things here, as you guys are the fucking TRUTH when it comes to suggestions.

1) I need a recipe for a breakfast casserole that can be premade the night before. I have a friend coming into town this weekend for Chicago St. Patrick's Day weekend, but he's not getting here until very late on Friday night. I would like to premake a breakfast casserole that I can pop into the oven on Saturday morning that will properly close off our stomachs so that we don't get drunk so fast. Anyone have any suggestions? I have no preference for sweet or savory (maybe a small one of each could be made!). I don't like ham, but if I could easily substitute bacon for ham, that would be fine.


2) I know I saw a few people mention stretching routines in the gym pet peeves thread. Would anyone be willing to share with me? My PT told me that I'm likely getting so many lower body injuries because I don't stretch enough, and I would very much like to stop getting lower body injuries. However, other than the partner stretching we did in high school sports, I've not ever really had a proper stretching routine. I would be very grateful if anyone wanted to share theirs with me. :)

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