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Two unrelated things. 1 random 1 triggering

so I knew the oven was dirty. I’m just a lazy ass and hate cleaning the oven. Really though it also really hurts my already hurting left side. It had been giving off smoke the past few times I’ve used it. It is the first time I’ve ever had a self cleaning over but.... I don’t like it/don’t have time for it/want to cook when I could do it....

So today. I preheat the oven to 400 for French fries and chikn fingers. Right after it was done preheating, boom!! I love down and flames!!!! Like... A lot. Up to the top rack. So I turned off the oven, closed the door, and consulting Mr Google. The flames eventually went down but sheesh.

Other topic: the coverage of The Spotlight, the movie about the coverup and sexual about of children by priests in the Boston archdiocese. Guys, it was awful. And we’ll documents and well known. And no one in Boston gave a flying fuck.


I was sexually abused for over a year by not a priest, but my older brother who was in charge when my parents were hammered, which was frequent. We grew up going to church every Sunday, if not more often. Went to catholic schools. All in the Boston archdiocese. This stuff is so so so triggering and it’s hard to get away from and makes me so so so so angry and I feel like no one understands Mr Carbs doesn’t get it I can’t bring it up with him he says nothing. So here I am.

How's your Monday?

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