Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The first is by the guy who gave a video of Dead Languages. This video is on dictionaries and when words are added but also when words leave. A dry boring topic but the vlogger makes it interesting. It also goes into the dreaded “its not a word since its not in the dictionary”. Those who write for dictionaries have something to say about that.

The second video is by Lia aka Sniperwolf. Its about people caught lying on social media. The dude who sent a video of his thingie then claimed he was playing around with his phone while exposed and accidently sent it is funny. Sniperwolf explains do not do this and his excuse well she mocked him. The story on the cake is hysterical and how the liar keeps digging deeper and deeper.

Lia is very funny to watch. She needs to do the news on SNL with Michael Che. Just the two of them.


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