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Two Weeks. TWO WEEKS.

In two weeks, I get my room back!

In one week, we go to closing on the co-op we bought. We're spending the following week painting and redoing the floors, then on the 28th we're moving in.

Two weeks. I get my room and my bed back!

For those who haven't been following (or are new to GT), the story is as follows: My grandpa passed away on Halloween 2012, two days after Hurricane Sandy. The basement in grandma's house got flooded, and she didn't want to be alone on top of it, so she came to live with me and mom in our two bedroom apartment. Originally mom gave grandma her bedroom and was sleeping on the couch. I said that's silly and gave mom my room and took the couch, but sleeping on the couch was not conductive to my fucked up shoulder so I ended up just sharing my (full sized) bed with Mamadukes.


For almost two years.

We do not have a large apartment. It's perfectly acceptable for one or two people, but for three? No. Nooooope. Plus sharing a bed with mom just sucks. She's miserable, too. She likes the room hot when she sleeps, I like it cold. She snores, I talk in my sleep. We both sprawl out when we sleep. We're both light sleepers. Neither of us have gotten a good night's sleep in almost two years.

But in two fucking weeks, we get our rooms and beds back. And a much larger apartment overall. With space in the living room so we're not all on top of each other. With a bigger kitchen with a TABLE in it so we actually have somewhere to sit and eat. With SIX big windows throughout the place for the cats to look out.

I GET MY ROOM BACK. I get to hook up my Xbox in my room and watch Netflix and play vidya games to my heart's content without having to worry that someone wants to use the TV (Xbox is currently in living room as that's where the router is, but I'm putting it and the modem in my room when we move). I'll get to be able to use my desktop computer without worrying that the light will wake up mom. I can go to sleep whenever I want. I WON'T HAVE TO SHARE A BED!


As stressed and as grumpy as I may come across lately, I really want everyone to know how unbelievably happy I am that this is happening. I kind of wish I didn't get sick until after we moved (packing and sharing a bed sucks when you have the plague), but so it goes.


On a somewhat related side note, I need advice. We have a few outside cats by this apartment (one momma cat and her two adorable babies). They never come in the house but they basically live on the porch and we feed them. We can't take them in (we already have two cats) but we feel awful just leaving them here. We considered catching them if someone would take them, but there's no takers and the three have to go together (they're a family!). Do you guys have any suggestions on what to do?


On a totally unrelated side note, my best friend's grandparents caught her 7 or 8 year old brother watching porn. This has nothing to do with anything but it's making me crack up. Grandma is freaking out and my best friend and I are dying.

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