Man mansplains mansplaining.

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the first female typographer.

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black female journalist quits over racism.

good profile on Nicki Minaj in GQ

In the "Anaconda" video, she says. "At first I'm being sexual with the banana, and then it's like, 'Ha-ha, no.' " I ask if she's referring to how the Drake scene immediately follows the kitchen scene. "Yeah, that was important for us to show in the kitchen scene, because it's always about the female taking back the power, and if you want to be flirty and funny that's fine, but always keeping the power and the control in everything."

Maybe she had been messing with me all along.

Or maybe she was simply telling me that it is not her job to explain herself. I had been warned before the interview that I shouldn't ask about her ass, that she finds it degrading, and I had chalked up her reticence to that. But maybe this is what she finds degrading: to work day and night to get those features down, to make actual magic and to make it come out in full articulation, every syllable, every accent, meticulously applied to save someone else's song in the third act, to entertain you, only to have some asshole come down to the DeKalb dressing room in the two hours that she could have spent taking a real nap, not an upright one, and ask her what she means when she's doing the thing she does. Must she do everything? She's not hiding anything—look at her, she literally isn't hiding anything. It's all there for you to see. Do some of the work yourself, people. She's busy running her brand. She's inspiring a meme that will keep us busy for months. She is tasting the Moscato and smelling the Nicki Minaj perfume that comes in miniature busts of Nicki Minaj. She is not here for your gender-studies symposium. It is not her job to tell you who the eff she is. And she's exhausted. She is only made of carbon after all, just like you and me.


man complains only women get shame re: prostitution and wants to tell his side.

startups are toxic and hostile work environments.


related: apparently a lot of people watch porn in the office.

group seeks LGBT protections.


Smith college won't admit transgender women.

the massive land grab in Africa by foreigners, of course.