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Tomorrow, I’m flying to the US for 3 weeks!

6 days in Houston with Tex and the future in-laws, then 2 and a half weeks with my awful extended family in Washington, DC.

Sooooo... mixed emotions. It’s been 3 months since Tex left Australia, and I’m beyond excited to see him, and hug him, and have ALL OF THE SEX.


And DC has its plus points. I’m dying to see my lovely grandmother and eat her delicious cooking, and my little kid cousins will be on winter break, so they’ll be a good distraction.

Their parents (my aunt and her husband) however, are total evil angry bastards. I’m not allowed to leave the house without their permission (I’m 27) or see my friend who lives in DC because we had a brief fling in 2009 and they were totally scandalised. My aunt is also FURIOUS at me for marrying Tex. She’s spent the last 3 months since she found out calling and emailing me and my parents and berating us and screaming and shouting about how my parents should put their foot down and stop me from getting married. She wanted to me to promise not to see Tex when I came to the US and went BATSHIT when I refused. She told me I’m destroying our family, I’m a pathetic selfish failure, I’m disgusting, I’m a needy slut, etc etc.

ANYHOO. Tips for Houston? Good places to eat? I’m sure Tex and his family have lots of stuff planned, but I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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