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UBC doing it wrong: Chants of "Pocahontass- ass- ass"

UBC business students took it upon themselves to chant racist, sexist Pocahontas lyrics at UBC frosh event.

UBC doing it right: taking the backlash and channeling it into sending the ignorant business students/frosh-dicks into workshops with First Nations representatives and adding First Nations indigenous topics to the school's core curriculum, students will participate in workshops involving the First Nations Studies Program, and first-year orientation will be redesigned to include education in aboriginal issues.

When I was at Emily Carr University (basically, next door to UBC) I took some classes with respected prof Paloma Campbell who included First Nations history/issues/art in her curriculum, and listened to students in the class bitch about how they didn't need to learn about First Nations stuff. Sickening.


I'm pleased that it's being added to the curriculum.

I have to say that spirit events, sorority/frat parties, and frosh week events certainly bring out the underlying racist or sexist issues in any university. As Sarah Silverman does, sometimes terrible things need to be amplified so that people will realize how freaking terrible the unseen, unnoticed, everyday attitudes are. Only these university students are ignorant about what they are provoking, (whereas Silverman realizes what she's doing and provokes on purpose)

How many of you are following what is going on with the MicMac and the oil fracking in New Brunswick?

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