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UBER Issues.

I was wondering about something. Who can or should cancel an Uber ride? Today I needed to do a two-stop Uber Ride it would have been a quick stop. I told the driver that I already put in the two stop and where I was going and that it would be a short stop as quick as I could make it. I assumed that it would be less than 5 min. Uber allows you to make up to 5 stops in an uber x ride as long as each stop is short like 3 min. Of course, if you go over that it’s factored into your payment. Personally, I’m fine with that. If the stop takes 10 min it would be because it takes that long and not because I’m fucking around. The guy got mad but refused to cancel the service. He lied and said that he couldn’t. I know that he could. He said the 3 min stop would be too long and told me I had to cancel. So I got charged half of the drive fare.

What should I have done?


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