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I just wanted to let everyone know, if they hadn't already heard, that a student named Jack Kaplanyan is accused of raping a student in one of UCLA's residents halls. The media is giving out his name, which in my opinion is a good thing. He's really high profile at school though, and at this point it's basically he said, she said. He has only been suspended, and he's going to court. But I think this is another example of athlete entitlement, and it makes me sick. I'm going to link to the LA times story. Sorry if my view of publicly naming him is offensive, but I think the media calling him out is a good thing. I'm proud of the victim for coming forward. But the school seems like it's covering for him. I hope not. I think we have a zero tolerance for rape here, and I hope that the victim gets justice. Sadly, at this point, it's he said, she said, and it can get sticky in these cases (not victim blaming, just observing from other articles I've read). A few months ago we had a sexual assault at a frat house, and I honestly don't know what's in the water here.

Link: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la…

Comment predictions over at the LA times: attacking the victim.

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