Searching for something else today, I stumbled down an old rabbit hole that I don’t like to think about too often, to be honest. I was one of the thousands of people that saw the “Hudson Valley Boomerang” or “Westchester Boomerang.” It looked exactly like the image above.

Here’s a post I’d written in about 2006 or so* to some UFO reporting site when I discovered that I wasn’t only one of a handful of people to have seen this thing, in fact thousands of people across the Hudson Valley region of New York, as well as neighboring CT had seen it (them?) as well.

Sherman, CT

The date is approximate, but in the fall when I was either 17 or 18 (so 1987 or 1988) I was trying to go to sleep (I’m guessing 1987, as I would have been under stricter house rules and it wasn’t that late at night) and heard, or more accurately, felt a deep thrumming noise. My bed was under my window - I looked out, to the east, and there was a huge.. something. The lights on the underside of whatever it was, maybe 5 to 7 of them, were roughly boomerang/chevron shaped, and it was massive. I sat there listening to the thrum of the thing until I could work up the nerve to go downstairs to wake my parents up. Neither really awoke (my mom said “Go back to sleep, it’s the ceiling fan”) fully, so I was the only one that saw anything.


Several months/maybe a year later, I felt vindicated by seeing a video on some “COPS!” type show which was taken by a police officer from Brewster, NY (just over the CT border) of the exact thing I’d seen, though I saw it MUCH closer. It was massive - maybe bigger than a football field - and terrifying in that it made a noise that you could feel, but not really hear. If you’ve ever “thought” you heard a helicopter in the distance, but saw nothing, that’s as close as I can describe the sound.

It was also incredibly slow moving - too slow and entirely too quiet for its size. It hovered just over the tree line, and I remember distinctly being filled with impending doom. (Actually, just typing this out made me wish I hadn’t ever thought of that night again.) It’s a feeling that you’ve seen something you shouldn’t have.


I almost forgot, the lights reconfigured briefly into an almost-cigar shape before it just glided away. I can’t describe the lighting change any better than that.

Ironically, I’ve lived in the absolute middle-of-nowhere TX (er, near an air force base - so I’ve seen some funky but clearly manmade things) for 16 years now and never ONCE seen anything suspect (we have nothing BUT clear skies!) since that terrifying night. Here’s the “Oh, she’s crazy, nevermind” part - I had a feeling that it was incredibly dangerous to me personally. It was too big, too close, too quiet and (yeah) alien. And it was RIGHT OVER MY HOUSE. But, no, not that crazy - no abduction story or anything, just a conviction that it wasn’t manmade. And it didn’t care if I saw it or not. It knew I was there and just let me sit there in shock and fear.


And.. thanks for listening. I had NO idea that the “Hudson Valley Boomerang” existed before this odd Google night tonight.

*Edited for clarity

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