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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ugggg...My friend is THE WORST

So last night my friends and I went out. They didn't know what happened in Boston, so I had to explain it to them. One of them said, and I quote, "Well, no one remembers 9/11 and people didn't exactly celebrate when Osama was killed. Also, I don't know why the people of Boston are celebrating in the streets". WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! I told her that she doesn't understand that when people go through hell, they want to be able to get through it and they have every right to be happy when it's over. For the record, she said after we saw ZDT, she told me she didn't understand why I was crying at the beginning. And the end.

Before that we were talking about school. I want to get a masters, and the same girl said that I shouldn't bother because a masters is meaningless because I should just get a "real job" when I graduate. And since I'm not graduating until next year, she also added that I was "just basically wasted my time". SHE KNOWS I TOOK A QUARTER OFF TO GET TREATMENT FOR SOMETHING!


I love her and everything, but she's so misinformed that it's sad. Also, every time I have a good idea, she takes credit for it, after telling me it's stupid. Thank god I was drinking a martini, or else I would have ripped off her head.

Rant over.

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