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Anyone else kind of "done" with the mainpage? I'm pretty meh about the new authors, I really dislike the snark for the sake of snark and the "let's make a bitchy post to stir shit up!" posts (the milk post- I'm lookin' at you). Also jesus, I've spent my whole night defending why body cameras are a good idea- not a perfect idea, but a good goddamn idea and also- sorry but lovers on the side lady is a shitty human. And I have all the right in the world to think she is a shitty human and seriously- what the fuck is so goddamn wrong with monogamy? Like, you do you, and have whatever open or poly or what the fuck ever relationships, but stop telling me that I am a prude or repressed or not fully in touch with my own sexual wants and desires. I'm good thanks. I fully expect an article about pubic hair next- probably insinuating that if you shave your chach YOUR BOYFRIEND IS A PEDO!!! I get click bait, but I'm so exhausted by it. I just- I really like groupthink. I really like kitchenette, I really like something wicked (and I think I just got post privileges, awe yeah) and I really like making- and wish traffic would pick up there. I may be a little tipsy on pink wine- but man, Jez is not the same as it used to be.


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