Days before my wedding, I am dealing with:

(a) fraudulent charges on my credit card โ€” the card has been canceled, I thought all unauthorized charges had been declined, but apparently one one let through โ€” for $1000+! So now I'm on hold on skype with the fraud reporting 1-800 number.

(b) a fiance who missed his international flight here because of a security hold up โ€” this part is mostly figured out. They put him on the same flight a day later. We've mostly dealt with it.

(c) a grant application deadline โ€” I just need to write a draft and send it to someone else so they can take a first pass at editing it, while I'm off getting married.

I am just SO. STRESSED. OUT. Halp! I know it's been a while since I posted anything, but I really need someone to vent to. Someone who is not going to bother me with more wedding detail questions, or tell me to look at some elusive bright side.