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Uggghhhh, My Family Sucks: Grandma's 90th Birthday Edition

My family made the terrible decision to spend a week together to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday. We don't like each other much on a good day. These days are not good.

We haven't all been in the same room together for 6 months. The day we arrived, grandma had to be taken to the hospital (congenital heart failure steadily getting worse). Obviously, this changes the dynamics of the trip a lot. She lives on her own, so someone has to be with her at all times now - meaning my mom or aunt have had to miss out on a lot of time with us in order to look after grandma. I'd be happy to just hang out at grandmas to help them and to spend time with grandma on what is likely to be my last time seeing her.

My sisters are being titanic sized assholes about the trip. The oldest whines that she's bored constantly. She wants to go shopping. The other one arrived last night and is trying to play peacekeeper between everyone, which is annoying because she only hears half of the argument (the other sister's half). Meanwhile, my mom, aunt and I are trying to prepare for my grandmas party tomorrow whilst they dick around, not communicating with anyone about where they've gone or when they might be coming back.


There are several other dynamics at play in the whole shitstorm, but I can't go into them because doxxing/not enough time or space on the internet for our issues.

Ugh. Thanks you for listening/being here for this rant.

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