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Ugghhhhh Work

I just need to vent really quick.

I have an appointment to get a cavity filled on Monday. It's my first cavity, so I don't know how the Novocaine will affect me, so I requested the day off two weeks in advance. I work at a tutoring center for kids, and I can't teach very well with a frozen face, ya know? I tend to be super sensitive to anesthesia and numbing drugs. My boss responded to tell me that she couldn't guarantee the day off because you need 3 weeks notice to guarantee. She was kind of snippy about it, even though I rarely request off, and am usually willing to pick up other people's shifts at the last minute. And I told her that I know it's supposed to be a 3 week notice, but my dental practice is really busy, and that was the only day they had space for me, unless I wanted to wait 2 months. Sure enough, I get next week's schedule today and I am working on Monday. I feel like it's just to spite me, because there are a bunch of other people who don't work that day. So now I either have to find someone to cover my shift, which people are rarely willing to do, or reschedule my appointment and hope and earlier appointment opened up. Grrrr.


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