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Crappy Monday. I took my dog to the dog park and he was playing with another dog, as well as trying to play with the dog's owner. He ended up biting her without breaking the skin, and she called the police. Animal control came out and verified his rabies vaccinations, so everything is fine healthwise - I just got a lecture on taking my dog away from the scene instead of trying to comfort the woman. Unfortunately, I thought she was upset and going to leave, so I got myself and my dog away from there - bad judgment on my part.

I'm fully aware that biting dogs can't be in a dog park around people - but being told my 10-month-old puppy is dangerous, part pit bull and I need to give him up - I don't know. I'm really sad. He loves playing there, but I can't really take him there now.

ETA: any guesses as to his breed mix? I don't know but I've heard lab, boxer, shar pei and cattle dog:


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