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So I’m just crazy lonely lately. I have nothing but failure in the romance category and my friends are all far away, married, or are in relationships.

Last week my best friend who just got married texted me some bullshit advice book about being single and then told me I should join a singles group. Like out of no where. Ok? I have no idea how to meet someone anymore (so many failed internet dates, I’m done. Work? No one under 30/single.). I get it. I just don’t know how I’m going to find anyone.

Then today another friend said I need to not text her on a Friday night. She’s with her boyfriend and he said I should meet new people at a bar. Uhhhh?!?!


I am just so irritated with everyone I know. I am also so sick of being single. so much frustration on a Friday night. I need a drink.

Bright side I’m going on a cruise next month. Alone because my friend was being annoying about booking, but I am so fuckingexcited to do something, even if it’s alone. Have any of you ever cruised alone? I am in my mid 20s so it feels weird (don’t worry, I already got so many pity “aww" remarks!) but free food and unlimited drinks! Yaaaas.

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