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Ugh, aggrieved men

Edit 1: my God, you guys, they’re still going! I and the other woman who suggested hey, maybe we have bigger fish to fry right now, have long since left the conversation and the men continue to stroke each other’s egos over how they speak for the marginalized and they cannot even abide people who would excuse Obama’s $400k speech. They might even leave the party because it’s just SO frustrating no one will acknowledge their hysteria that is definitely shared by poor white voters and all people of color, which is why we lost the general election, don’t you know. Didn’t you know that ties to Wall Street was definitely the deciding factor in the election?

Edit 2: one of them has now compared the debate over Obama’s speech fees to the three-fifths compromise, the Native American reservation system, and Trayvon Martin, I shit you not.


One of my Facebook friends has a large circle of Bernie Bros who are always up in arms about something. This time it’s Obama’s speaker’s fees for giving a talk on Wall Street.

Y’all, I am so glad I have women led groups because if I have to listen to these guys, who have the least to lose, talk about what the Democratic Party or the former President should be doing, my eyes might get stuck in the back of my head from rolling them so hard.

Like oh, it’s totally not about race you guys it just happens to be the first black president who has to forgo speakers fees that gets put on blast for it. He must be the standard bearer for purity like Our Lord Bernie Sanders.


Also when called out for dismissiveness these types tend to want a detailed receipt and then refute whatever you say and dismiss it.

The circle jerk goes on.

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