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Ugh Anti-Choice Facebook help

A Facebook friend of mine just posted this:

"I would say that I'm shocked but the position the lobbyist expounds is simply the logical extension of Planned Parenthood's anti-life ideology" with a link to a conservative blog post from 6 months ago about this incident.


I am generally anti-getting into Facebook arguments but I don't think I can not say anything.

ETA: I wrote a nice a comment pointing out all the good PP does and I also shared their official statement that is posted in the Jez article I linked too. He actually thanked me for sharing that and agreed many of the services I mentioned were not anti-life, but then went into how they are the biggest abortion provider and that is anti-life. I said I didn't intend on getting into a debate on that issue, we both know what we think and should just agree to disagree there. I told him the only reason I said anything was that the article he posted was very misleading and it upsets me to see false information spread about an organization that does so much good for women, including a lot that prevents unwanted pregnancies in the first place. All in all, it was very civil and I'm glad I said something. I'll never change his mind, but at least I corrected some of his false info.

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