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Ugh, Asimov

This a good article about convention harassment, but the main thing I took out of this this is the revelation that Asimov was kind of a creep. Which is a gorramit moment if there ever was one. I like Asimov's writing. It's concise and doesn't waste time. It has internal logic. It has one of the greatest female characters ever written. Hell, he even confirmed my suspicions that indeed Mr. Spock Is Dreamy.

I wrote a lot of AI characters before I read him, and when I did read him I realized my characters fit very well with his. Instead of feeling disappointment that someone has thought of an idea before you, I felt pride because if I was thinking like Asimov then I must be on the right track.


And now, Asimov is kind of a creeper. Not as big a creeper as some, but still a creeper. I don't know what to do with this. But my mental image of him has changed for the worse.

Please, don't let Bradbury have done like this or have deep terrible secrets. Because Bradbury is my spirit animal.

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