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Ugh. Bannon's Favorite Influential Novel is Camp of The Saints

I remember Newt Gingrich saying how Asimov’s Foundation trilogy influenced him and how he views history. The only thing I ever had in common with Newt. Foundation trilogy influenced me to get a degree in math sadly I never followed through with applying it to history.

Well now we have Steve Bannon who over the years mentioned Camp of the Saints in reference to Muslims and immigration. Well its a racist novel,.so bad even a fellow.republican Linda Chavez quit an organization connected to its English publication.

This is probably why we have the Homeland possible directive to seperate parents and children. I think we are periliously close to a genocide of the undocumented and basically those of south of the US border.


Our fellow Americans did this to us. If it beomes as bad as I think it will be ie genocide may these folks be damned for all time in our history books and in their afterlife.

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