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Ugh, bigots :(

My cousin is a married lesbian and they have a 2ish-year-old son, and they live in Nowheresville, Kansas. Apparently she’s been getting threatening letters, seemingly from the government, that her child is going to be taken away (but as if he was adopted, which he’s not - she is the birth mother). So anyway, it seems like someone in her community is giving her fake letters to threaten her child, citing “unsafe household” etc.

My cousin’s wife is a cop, and reported all of this. Luckily her cop coworkers are taking it seriously, despite backwards ass rural town (and cops).


Anyway, I figured most of this out because my cousin posted photos of all the security measures they are taking on their house and how she has been unable to sleep, terrified someone’s going to come in. They didn’t post the text of the letter they keep getting, but basically it says that the Kansas DCF is “aware” that a child is being sexually abused in an immoral house, that he will go “back” into the system if it’s not remedied, and that Kansas state law dictates a child can only be adopted by a married mother and father.


There are people commenting on there telling them they should move (nothing hurtful - just people trying to be helpful). I know that my cousin’s wife grew up in this town and all her family is there. I also know that my cousin has worked in the same job there for almost 10 years. How about, “just prosecute people who make threats” instead of “Just move!”?

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