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Ugh. Coworkers.

There's this coworker who gets in my last nerve sometimes.

She always asks me to sub for her at the last minute but can never reciprocate. Now this one time SHE asked me to switch with her for Tuesday morning I said yes. She was going to take my Sunday, which was perfect because I could go see this band play (the boy I have a crush on was gonna be there). After the switch I found out I had two auditions early in the morning that week. I work nights Monday, it's draining physical work, so while spending two days waking up early the next day for an audition then running to work is gonna be rough but I figured since I didn't have my miserable Sunday shift I could deal with it.

But then she texts me tonight at 11pm(!) saying she can't take my shift tomorrow. She didn't check her flight plan until just now and realized she leaves tomorrow instead of Monday...


I'm so pissed right now. She's so irresponsible, but her job is secure because her whole family has worked there for ages. She's worked there for ages despite the fact she does stuff like this all the damn time!!!!

I asked her to try and find a different sub for me. I'll do it if I absolutely have to but I have to completely alter my schedule. If she doesn't find a sub this is going to be me this week:

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