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Ugh. Distractions.

There are not enough.

I've got a paper due Monday on Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. Remember that gem, y'all? It's still just as gemmy. The guideline questions aren't really leaving me any room to criticize like I want to and that's leaving me frustrated.

The first paper from this professor that I got back didn't have much in the way of feedback, and the second one I completely bullshitted. (What a funny looking word.) In both papers her only comment was that I didn't clearly identify the sociological principles I used. I'M SORRY, WHAT. This is an advanced level class where the professor stated, pointedly, that we needed to approach discussions with the idea that everyone had an understanding of the principles and so did not need any refreshing. Fine. She's getting a by-the-book definition this time instead of the carefully crafted nuanced examples I gave previously. She's getting a paperful of snark whether she realizes it or not.


Being that I'm so irked, I'm looking for ways to procrastinate. Y'ALL. It's like the internet quit or something.. or.. or maybe it wants me to work? So. GIF party!

My contribution is this really awesome photo recap of AHS Coven.

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