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Ugh, Dude Problems

So I'm pretty ticked at Mr.Bottom right now and thought I'd vent. This guy decided to go from Houston to Dallas this weekend so that he could go play in a Magic the Gathering tournament. Let's just say that wasn't a good idea on his part to begin with, as we haven't gone out on a real date in over 3 months. I figured this time would be fine though because I've really got to study for my finals anyway and a little quiet might be nice for that. So he leaves, everything's fine.

Until he realizes that the newscasts weren't kidding and that there is a LOT of ice over there, and wouldn'tchya know - ice is hard to drive on! You know, this after the fact that I told him such and have the qualification of growing up in the most northern part of Maine! But of course I don't know what I'm talking about, because that was Maine and this is Texas (because ice is different depending on geography apparently).


So this guy gets to his hotel at 1 in the morning, and is looking for parking. He sees a little decline and figures there is more parking down there, so he pulls into it and OBVIOUSLY it is coated in ice (because they just had an ice storm) and the car slides down and he narrowly avoids hitting other cars that fell for the same trap and are stuck down there (4 cars, because Texas). He tried to drive back up the incline, which obviously didn't work. (May I just point out that Mr.Bottom works for NASA? How can someone so smart be so UGGGHHHH?!)

But he's not worried! Oh no! He's gotta go to bed so he can wake up early and walk to the tournament! He'll worry about the car once he's done for the day. And that was only because he originally told me he'd worry about it come Sunday when he needed to leave and I flipped out on him for being insane. But he was sure he could get a tow truck driver or something.


Well, no one answered last night. So he called all morning and finally a towing company answered just to tell him that no company is taking personal calls right now, they're all only responding to police calls. His solution? "I'll try what I can tonight, but worse comes to worse I have to stay here until I can get a tow or until the ice starts to melt."


I almost lost my mind. First of all, I have no transportation now and I have finals starting Monday, which he knew when he got into this mess. Second of all, I am so mad that he has been so incredibly short sighted and that the trend doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Any other time I'd be the awesome supportive girlfriend, but now I'm in a panic that I'm going to miss my finals (my family won't take off work for 3 days this week, just to take me for finals and I don't know my classmates numbers to ask for rides) and will thus drop entire letter grades because he decided to not use any brain cells this weekend. I am so MAD, and I haven't even been able to drink because I'm studying so damn much.


So please share some funny stories or gifs or photos of your fur-babies so that I don't lose my mind.

UPDATE: I called my Dad and he said he can do tomorrow for sure and if Mr.Bottom can't get back, he can talk to his boss about coming in late and taking "breaks" to come take me while he's at work, that way he won't have to take half the week off. Thank Buddha my Dad is so big on school and grades!

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