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UGh emails and other thoughts

So I'm the recipient of resumes of not just one but two job postings right now. And one is clearly getting promoted somewhere so good for us as a whole but then the emails JUST.WONT. STOP.

Then I have to go home and do my own job applying. Guess what's wildly unappealing after reading resumes all day? Drunk CareerBuilder party!

Also, I might be being bitchy but dude in your cover letter you are "grateful" not "great full".


There's a town-wide yard sale tomorrow but I have no monies till the 1st. Or room to store the crap I own now. Plus I should do laundry, but that requires going to my mother's and I'm just not in the mood. Though it will force me apply to jobs and not spend money I don't have.

I have a baby shower on Sunday, the only person I know is the Mother-to-be and in reality I'm friends with her husband, though she's cool and we get along. Then I have a fun birthday party after with beer and half-price appetizers all day.

Then, next week begins my hell week. 3 people out of my 7 person office are going on vacation. Basically all the useful people are leaving me alone with the mouth-breathing incompetents. Okay that's not fair two of them try their best but when I have to teach you where the recycling bin is on the desktop? Really? And you do the books? How are we in business? (Fun fact: she nearly deleted a folder titled Accounting. God knows how bad that would have been.)

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