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Ugh-facepalm-WTF (TW: DV)

Had this conversation with a couple coworkers yersterday:

The subject of domestic violence prevalence in police officers somehow comes up.

Guy A: I could never hit a girl. I just can't even imagine it. I don't understand how anyone can do that. Ever.


Guy B: Well, I'd say most domestic violence isn't like, premeditated. It's not like you go "I'm gonna hit a girl" today. People just snap, you know?

Me and Guy A: Uhhhh what? *major sideye rapid subject change*

I'm not supposed to know this, but I do - Guy B is attending a year's worth of court ordered domestic violence courses. His girlfriend drives him there. Not the same one who resulted in the court order.

Anyway, it just made me think there's two types of men in the world - ones who cannot even wrap their mind around the idea hitting a woman, and ones who'll just darn well figure out how to justify it. I don't have much faith in Guy B coming around to Guy A. I'm just kind of sad and wish I didn't know this crap.

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