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Welcome To The Bitchery

I would often flick the channel between MSNBC at 9 with Stephanie Ruhle and CNN with Carol Costello. Then at 10 pretty much watch just CNN to 11. Carol Costello was one of their best anchors. She left. Well not going far she will be on HLN, when I do not know.

I do not know why Poppy Harlow needs John Berman to cohost from 9 to 11. She did up to four hours alone on the weekends.

The new CNN schedule.


I hope Hall gets picked up by CNN. Three hours a day of Wolf Blitzer is too much. Give her 6 to 8pm. Erin Burnett can go to HLN.

A picture of Costello in case you are vaguely familiar with her.

Illustration for article titled Ugh First Tamron Hall Leaving Now Carol Costello

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