On TMZ it reported Mark Ballas and Derek Hough bought a house together. Which is fine. What did some of the commentators assume? That they must be gay. So ragey. When two women move into a house do people say this? Nope, well not often. Two men? Yup.

a) It doesn't matter if they are or are not. These assumers should really not care nor speculate.

b) Why in our society if two single men hang out together or move in. The first assumption seems to be they are gay. Of course society should not care.

I can't help but wonder if many men forgo friendships with other men because of what they feel other people will assume. Of course if men have innerconfidence they won't care.

Why can't folks realize not every personal connection people make stems from sexual feelings? Maybe we are just too oversexualized of a society and too many folks can't differ nonsexual connections to sexual.


So ragey about this and sad.

Or I ponder way too much.