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Ugh. Fuck Fridays

Things were going well today. I sent in a proposal for a conference, I finished editing my translation of the Icelandic lyrics for Let It Go, I got a movie back from the friend I loaned it to, and I got a couple new shirts. Tonight there's a party at a friend's place. All going so well.

And then we stop at KMart in the hopes of finding an accessory for cheap. And the Prophet pulls into a parking spot and parks and turns the car off and I open my door.

And the wind chooses right then to gust, pulling the door out of my hand and slamming it hard against the door of the car next to us. The car with the driver still inside.


He seemed like a nice old man, took our insurance info and gave us his, but fucking hell. So I spent a half hour going through the process of alerting my insurance about the impending claim (something I've never had to do before). And it just killed the day. So I'm going to drink, and go to the party, and drink some more because fuck Fridays.

Gifs please? I won't be able to check back in for a few hours, but I'd love some gif love when I get back.

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