Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So once a month, the specialist I work for helps out in an office in the heart of our local city. Since August, I've been coming here with her to assist. The dentist who runs this city office is such a skeezy old man. He's not really gross to me, but he is to pretty much all of his assistants (there's 8 of them, all fairly young women). It's his way of joking, but whatever, it's dumb and wrong.

But oh my God, he's just so insufferable. I just ignore him because I'm not working for him, I'm working for my boss. But he keeps pretending like he doesn't know my name ("Who's [my name]?" And "what's her name again?"). I've been here 4 times, so come the fuck on. The name I go by isn't even hard to remember because it's not common, but it's also easy to pronounce. Then he tries to chide me for things I don't know how to do or that he thinks I did wrong. Listen, buddy, you're not the one who pays me to be here. My boss does, and I just started assisting in May, so back the fuck off. Last thing: first time I came here, I said bye to him and he just stared at me.


He's so annoying. Okay, rant over.

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