I hate everything today. I am so depressed about this beautiful, warm, sunny weather we've been having. I hate it and wish it would fuck off. Why, you ask?

Medication side effects, ugh. Not only does the heat make me sweat like you wouldn't believe, but I've gained way too much weight. So not only am I totally fat, but I'm gross and sweaty too, attractive eh? As my luck would have it, this isn't a medication I can just stop taking, it reduce my dose. It is imperative at this point that I stay on it. Not only has it made me fat and sweaty, it makes me SO lazy and lethargic that I rarely have the energy, let alone the motivation to actually ever exercise. *sobs* I'm not horribly overweight or anything, but I've gained FAR more than I'm comfortable with.

I have been forcing myself to bike ride every morning when I do my errands and shit, but that's all aside from walking the dog (and she's getting older, so it's not like we go very far on these walks anyways).

I need some serious motivation and/or the secret to dropping 15 pounds overnight. I mean, I find an old Super Nintendo the other day, and had planned on spending my morning "making sure it works" (lies. all lies.) before I sell it for a little cash to this old seedy little CD/DVD/Video Games buy & sell place nearby. Ugh.

I'm doomed.