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Welcome To The Bitchery

Live Aid was on July 13, 1985. Important date. This did not happen in the Fall. This should not have been a sometime in the 80s thing there are for many people two important events that decade Challenger Explosion 1/28/86 and Live Aid.

For folks who loved 80s music and was a teen this was our Woodstock. The best musicians of that era sang in Philly or Wembly Stadium.


I fear if Adam Goldberg does an episode about Challenger it will take place in mid summer. To me this was playing games with history.

Here is Chrissy Hyndes and Pretenders doing Chain Gang my very favorite version of her song.

This is musically one of the greatest twenty minute set ever. Queen’s performance

It was a very funny episode. I loved how Beverly and Murray had their own storyline. Yet this history playing by putting Live Aid in the Fall annoyed me.

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