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Welcome To The Bitchery

Ugh. I can't believe my nieces had to hear this.

Just got back from the wedding of a cousin. Standard boring wedding, in almost every way. What made it stand out in a horrible way was the speech the father of the bride gave.

It started out with recollections of her childhood where he admitted he always thought she was perfect and was never able to discipline her because he was too in love with her (seriously- he said that). He always dreaded the day she was 'going to leave him', but was glad that she chose such a great guy. Then he started on the advise to the new husband:

"XY, today is the day I give XX to you. She is now your responsibility. Yours to cherish, to love. You are responsible for providing for her financial security. You are responsible for her emotional security. You are responsible for making her happy. You are responsible for keeping her safe. You are responsible for getting her up in the morning and getting her off to school (insert pause for laughter here)."


He went on for a good 5 minutes in this line. I couldn't believe it. Apparently the bride was no agency over her life at all. News to me.

I mean, was that supposed to be sweet? It seemed repressive, oppressive, and basically scary as fuck all to me. And the worst part was that I had half a dozen nieces in the crowd, listening to how a bride is a woman transferred from one man to another.

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