I'm planning to apply to be a graduate associate (for housing...so I can get free room&board) for my university next year. It'll be my first year there. They want 2 letters of recommendations, one academic and one professional. So I have no problem with the professional one because I'll just ask my boss, but I'm concerned about the academic one. I've been out of undergrad for like 9 months now. I kind of know who I could ask to submit the academic one, but I haven't been in touch with her since September. Plus, she wrote me a really nice letter of recommendation to be used in my initial application package for dental school. You can't re-use the same letters (but it doesn't say anything about re-using the same recommender), so I feel kind of shitty asking her to write me another letter.

Gah, why is this so stressful? Other than her, I have no idea who else I would ask for the academic letter. I'm sure she would do it, but I feel shitty not having talked to her since September and being like, "Heyyy, how are you? By the way, can you please write me ANOTHER letter of recommendation?"