I'm totally fine with public speaking. I'm not nervous about that.

I was told to have 15-20 slides in this presentation but keep it to 8 minutes. I had to press my teacher for a time limit. At first she said five minutes, to which I responded "Three slides a minute?" Then she told me that I was doing math and that was silly. I maintain that a decent presentation is not possible with that many slides in that amount of time. She even wanted it to be multimedia and incorporate video. When am I supposed to show a video in 15 slides in 8 minutes?!

I have rehearsed it a few times, knocking it down to 20 minutes if I talk really quickly. I can't eliminate any slides because then I won't meet the requirements of the presentation. How am I supposed to get 8 minutes out of this? It'd have to be one word with one picture per slide. I think my head is going to explode.