Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

First of all, many thanks to everyone who commented on my earlier post about snarking. I made many mistakes in the way I wrote it and it didn't spur the type of conversation I was hoping for. This is 100% on me because I forgot that y'all can only respond to what I actually WRITE, not what I THINK I'm writing. I'll spend more time trying to express myself better when I post.

Among my errors were: trying to use "body-snarking" as a catch-all expression for noticing/commenting/whatever when I really shouldn't have; using Kim K as an example when she and what she represents bring out a lot of discussion and emotion and overshadow what I was trying to get at; and not making sure that what I wrote was what I actually intended to write.

The whole thing was spurred by a conversation recently with a few people. It meandered, as conversations do, and at some point we were talking about secret talents of famous people. (Secret as in not being the things they're most famous for, not necessarily actually secret.) Someone mentioned George W's paintings; I mentioned that Condi Rice is an accomplished classical pianist; someone else said, "Ugh, but she really needs help with her hair"; I said, "FFS, she was SECRETARY OF STATE, do we need to snark on her hair?" At which point I was reminded that I've snarked on famous people's clothes or hair on occasion (yes, I know, I shouldn't do this and I'm trying to become more conscious of NOT doing it). And I was challenged during this conversation to explain why it's OK (if indeed it is, maybe it's not?) to snark on Kim Kardashian's clothes but not OK for my friend to snark on Condi Rice's hair. Hence, my earlier post.


All right, now that I've tried to give some context, which of course I should have done earlier, I hope it makes a little more sense. I try not to be real judgey in my real life, and I think what I wrote earlier may have made me sound like some shrew who sits around and judges other women?? I promise that's not me. Many of the comments were genuinely thought-provoking for me and I really love that. That's why I'm here. IRL I am somewhat visible in my community and often choose not to express all my thoughts and opinions because I don't want to alienate the Powers That Be who can make life easier or harder for those for whom I advocate. What I love about GT is that I can say stuff without that concern, and that I can get all kinds of different perspectives that often challenge me to look at the way I think. So, if you're still reading this far, thank you for being a community where that happens.

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