I had gone to the bathroom, it take me a while, I came downstairs and I caught her watching Fox News. I was wondering why she was getting less sympathetic to protestors and why she turned so much against Reverand Al. I always thought when I go to the bathroom she watched CNBC (bunch of shrill screamers like Cramer and Santelli) or HGTV (bunch of spoiled entitled whiners ie almost all house buyers). But worse its this, what’s worse is she stayed with it WHILE I was down until the commercial. Such vile for the mayor although shockingly Carole Costello, a liberal on CNN, also has shown contempt for her. The mayor of Baltimore. My mother and her friend again were on the phone and Watts came up again and again and how scary it was during those times. No clue how it could personally be scary since they both lived in a for all practical purposes a lily white area of New England, which actually still describes 90 plus percent north of Worcester, MA.

My mother the woman who when talking to the same friend about President Kennedy or Teddy, as they simply call him, Ted Kennedy in case you wondered, sound like Beatles fans talking about John or Ringo. What happened? They avoid talking about Bobby since her friemd volunteered for his 68 campaign and still.chokes up talking about him.

How did this happen. Ok she is more conservative then I am but only two issues, public unions and she is antichoice but believes it should only be banned post six months except for medical reasons like life of mother. We agree to disagree. She has never been a fan of public unions. Well it appears this issue Baltimore may be three.