Was just about to tweet: So exhausted, have to pretend to be a girly-girl at a bridal shower tomorrow. My personal bridal shower game will be who can drink the most sangria.

Then I remembered I'm friends with the bride on Twitter. Seriously how has the CIA not recruited me yet.

Watching the bride open presents is boring enough, but games too. Depending on the prize though I should play to win, the grooms mom bought the prizes and she's very generous and well-off. The brides mom, crotched 41 favors too. All I had to do was buy cups, dessert plates and dollar store table clothes. I threw in straws too cause I'm fancy. Oh and I remembered a couple Sharpies to write names down on cups.

In reality I'm being a brat, and I'm sure it'll be just lovely. Just lovely. If I say it enough times it'll be believable.