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Ugh. In Laws.

Yesterday I went to the State Fair with Mayati, Edie Beale, and Luftwaffle. We visited Cowbelle. We ate food. It was fun. But also crowded. After we all nearly died near Sweet Martha's Cookies, we were all a little


Actually, I started hating people as soon I discovered that the Izzy's Ice Cream Stand closed at 7pm. I WANTED SOME JELLO SALAD ICE CREAM.

Anyway, I was looking forward to a nice long weekend of staying in my house and avoiding other humans. There would be baths, wine, Netflix, and also some vegetables (needed to cleanse the body after deep fried apple pie with cinnamon ice cream).

I know I have complained about my in laws and how they always do things at the last minute before....so guess what? Mr. Peachy just got a text from his mom. His great aunt is in town and they were wondering if we were free to hang out. IF SOMEONE TRAVELED HERE FROM ANOTHER STATE, THERE WAS OBVIOUSLY MORE THAN 2 HOURS NOTICE. There is nothing I hate more than these last minute family gatherings. I can't say no. Mr. Peachy just went on a 5 day long vacation with my extended family. This is how it is EVERY TIME. I had to beg Mr. Peachy to find out what we were doing for Thanksgiving with them a week before Thanksgiving last year.

So I'm mostly just here to whinge about it. Oh, and the first thing I did this morning was order something off of my SIL's wedding registry since I'm not going to her bridal shower. Most of you guys agreed I didn't need to explain why, so I wrote a brief note saying I was sorry I couldn't make it and I hope she has a great shower.


Well, I'm pretty sure this will come up in person today, so now I will get to explain myself. OH JOY.


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