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Ugh job hunt stuff - clothes?

I’ve started sending out resumes and want to be prepared should an interview pop up quickly. I’ve been religiously reading Ask A Manager and while she seems really modern and her advice seems good, the one thing I cannot wrap my mind around is her insistence that you must wear a suit. I used to do hiring but it wasn’t very formal, so I’m looking for a little insight. I got my jobs so far without a suit, but one was informal and I mean, who knows how many I didn’t get so...

I’m not, at all, saying that there is anything casual about job interviewing, or trying to get out of wearing something very formally professional. It’s just the suit thing. She is fixated on that it must be a REAL SUIT, so not like, slacks/pencil skirt and a blazer, or a professional looking dress.

Can someone please, for the love of god, tell me why there is a difference, granted that the non-suit options are 1) professional 2) conservative and 3) stylish/well-tailored.


The reason I’m having such a meltdown about this is 1) I have nice, professional clothing that I can easily put together to look really nice. 2) I just can’t FIND real suits (I’m plus sized too) that don’t make me feel like I look like this.

I don’t plan on having a range of interview outfits, but just for background, I am applying in these areas:

  • Architecture/Interior Design (probably most formal)
  • Construction (I’d show up most formal anyway, with an added attempt not to invite some sort of sexual harassment - yayyyy construction industry)
  • Non-profit (just a couple openings I saw - I’m sure it’s more casual but still would show up looking most formal anyway)

ETA: Like, check out Lane Bryant’s “suits” page. There is one suit, and it is goddamn denim!

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