I have a 12yo tortoiseshell called Inky. My ex-husband and I bought Inky for his mother several months after her cat died (this was not a risky move, trust). We went to a no-kill shelter and she crawled onto me and snoozed on me while we talked with one of the employees. Ffwd, MiL moved into assisted living and couldn't take Inky, so she moved in with me.

We became buddies. Way more attached than I expected. Then she seriously bonded with Mr GV when he came on the scene.

Inky is VERY allergic to fleas. Just a couple bites will make her barf. Well, I think my mom accidentally transported a few and we didn't clue in until she was having respiratory effects (coughing, extra snore-y). We've been trying to get on top of it, but she's become more lethargic and hanging out in strange places (sleeping on top of the toilet tank, hanging out in my lasagne pan in a cupboard). And then there's the weight loss. Mr GV's mom has given us spare flea treatments (whatever Costco carries). Those have helped, but not enough.

So, today I picked up the upholstery/carpet powder stuff and we started working on the mammoth couch and the 7,938 cushions and pillows. It's half-done and I think we can finish it and the carpet tomorrow. The bedding is all being washed, too. It harkens back to when Little GV had head lice for six months when she was five years old. All of this after an 8hr work day and getting dinner going.

Even though I have a good job, I'm up to my eyeballs in debt , so tomorrow Mr GV is taking her in to a "free clinic" kind of vet office where the vets donate their time (he has no income, so he can qualify). No sophisticated eqpt, but hopefully they can tell us what might be going on (thyroid? anemia? long flea recovery?)

Anyway, I don't need suggestions or recommendations (and if I did, I'd definitely start here with the hivemind). I'm just worried about my girl.


Including Operation Fuck Off, Fleas I worked at least 11 hours today.

I. Am. Sofa. King. Tired.

Gifs welcome.