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My job is pretty okay. I really can't complain, and I sometimes even like it.

What I don't like is living where I do. I'm so over it. If it weren't for meeting His Majesty, I'd have been out of here as soon as I recovered from surgery. My friends here are wonderful and I love them dearly, but for my own sanity I need out.


Now here's the question. It seems His Majesty wouldn't be adverse at all to me looking for and possibly accepting a job in a city back across the country. We're both West Coasters at heart, we both want to get back, there is a part of me that really wants to encourage him to continue moving up in his company... but I also want us to be together (he lives in another city, and even though it's not long long distance it still gives me the sads). And I've found jobs that I absolutely qualify for in this new city that pay $10k more than I'm making even now. Which means I'd be able to support us for at least a while until he finds a job. Because cost of living is quite a bit lower. Also he has family reasons for being totally okay with moving to this new city.

But I've only been in my current job for ~2 months. This company has never been anything but amazing to me. I would feel SUPER guilty for bailing, even though this job is technically fairly temporarily - I'm only guaranteed a paycheck and a job for as long as the client likes me and wants to keep me around, which so far so good but you never know in consulting.

Is it horrible of me to even be considering this?

His Majesty is being super wonderful about the whole thing, and is currently declaring that he'd eat ramen for a month while looking for a job if it meant we got to be together.




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