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Ugh.. measurements... body... nooo...

I hate hate hate taking my measurements.

So, backstory: I've got a friend who makes dresses. Her specialty is alt-wedding dresses (specifically comic themed ones), but lately she's been making these great convertible dresses that can be used as anything from a bridesmaid dress to a walking around dress, to a work dress. She offered to make me a few for a bigggg discount and since I would love to wear nerdy dresses to work, I'm super stoked.


But damn, do I hate taking my measurements. I mean, I'm pretty accepting of my body (for the most part) but whenever I do numbers I just start feeling super depressed.

The other thing I'm super nervous about is that a lot of the way you can style the dress involves showing the back. I do not care for my back below my bra line, because I have a little bit of noticable back fat. While, I will wear the dresses in a way that does not show this, part of the reason I'm getting the discount is because I'm modeling them for her portfolio. So, that makes me nervous.

Errrgh, dammit body. I try to be so positive about you, but sometimes I really don't like you.

Update: Thank you for all the kind words! Also thank you for all the kind words for my friend! I don't want to show her this post (cause that would be embarrassing for me), but I encourage everyone to check out her website and like her FB page!

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