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So, as I’ve posted about before around these parts, I’ve recently been through a break-up. I, of course, told my mother about this (the ex-bf and I had been together for two years, and so it was serious and he’d met my parents multiple times). And she turned around and told EVERYONE SHE KNOWS.

I wouldn’t care, but I’m going to visit for the holidays next week and she’s set up all these dinners and brunches and drinks and whatever with her friends that I’m expected to attend where they will now have the opportunity to bring up my recent, painful break-up that is none of their business. And my mother’s friends are all nosy old ladies. They are totally going to ask even though when I brought it up with my mom she acted all offended, like I was crazy to think that her friends would do such a thing.


UGH. Thanks mom. Thanks.

UPDATE: Well, apparently she didn't tell everyone she knows since I just picked up my mail which contained a Christmas card from a family friend made out to both me and the ex :(

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