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Ugh Musicians

In my younger days I used to do music PR, and interned for a fairly major indie rock band. It was super fun when I was 24, but I knew that when I got older I wasn’t going to want to be going to gigs and after parties every night, and I knew I wasn’t going to want to put up with the shit you put up with when your job is taking care of what are essentially overgrown children.

Cut to these many years later, my organization just did an event with a band, and while thankfully I haven’t been the main contact person, I’ve had enough to do with them that I’m immediately annoyed every time I get an email from their manager. I had to stay at work 2 hours late because they were an hour and a half late for their sound check. Then I had to email them some photos - fine. But the manager keeps emailing me back to ask for changes to the photos, and asking me to choose more/better band shots, and just... come on dude. I am not your publicist.


Basically this is how I feel about interacting with bands at this point in my life:

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