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UGH... My aunt just posted this. MOAR UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I responded with this:

Why not be inclusive and say Happy Holidays since not everyone celebrates Christmas and there are many holidays happening around that time?



I eagerly await her response. She is the same aunt who posted a "Stand with Paula Deen" link saying if "it was reversed" no one would be upset. I pretty much schooled her in that conversation. Looking forward to this one.

Also, why are these shitty memes always rife with spelling and grammatical errors?

ETA: Her response: The same reason people say happy Hanukkah or happy Easter. Christmas is it's own holiday and that's how I grew up and what I celebrated :)


My response: Yes, there is no problem with saying Merry Christmas. I say it. But posting a meme that aggressively points out how you WON'T say happy holidays because it's some sort of anti-Christmas is just weird and right-wingy and completely unnecessary.

Her response: It doesn't say that I won't say happy holidays - it says that I don't. And no, for Christmas I say merry Christmas. If it's around New Years or something else then by all means I will say happy holidays - but I am sick of people trying to take away Christmas like it's something wrong to say anymore. Again, if it's Hanukkah is will say happy Hanukkah or happy Easter and if it's between multiple holidays I will say happy holidays. But it seems every time I post something you don't agree with you get angry. We can agree to disagree and not have the same views and even though we do, you are still my niece and whom I love and am very proud of :)


My response: Who is trying to take away Christmas? Fox News seems to make up some War on Christmas every year that doesn't exist. No one says it's wrong to say Merry Christmas. You are saying it's wrong to say Happy Holidays for some reason. And yes the other time I got angry at your post was when you were defending Paula Deen. Which was something worth getting any about. She's a nasty racist. And you seemed to have learned something from that. I'm trying to help educate you on some things that are important to me, like inclusivity. When you post this, you are sending the message that you won't/don't say Happy Holidays because "people are trying to take Christmas away from you". No one is. It's just right-wing paranoia that Fox news pumps into people. I won't agree to disagree on things like this. I don't think you are understanding the implications of this. Your views, as you say do not line up with this meme. Trust me, you don't want to be associated with the kinds of people who agree with this meme.

Then I posted the Daily Show link about War on Christmas: Friendly Fire Edition.


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ETA: RADIO SILENCE. Point goes to Barlychew.

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